About Us

Welcome to LAV


We at LAV are excited to bring arts education programming to NYC and Westchester’s institutions of learning. We are committed to enriching the lives of children through integral experiences of Art, Literacy, Music, and Dance. It is our desire to fortify young minds with confidence, expand their imaginations through wonder, and produce the next generation of fully integrated global citizens.

The Living Art’s Village was begun by Sabrina Francis, a professional opera singer and music educator, in 2007 when she noticed that many children and adults were losing and had lost the joy of music living in and influencing their lives. As she remembered how music as a young shy girl, gave her confidence, an outlet and a way to express herself in ways that the written or spoken word could not and also of all the wonderful family memories of singing in the car , the house , and at the beach was something she wanted as many as possible to experience!

So in 2007, here in New York City, Sabrina, started teaching music at several preschools in Harlem and lower Manhattan as well as teaching other educators how to use music to teach non musical skills to children. She used , and still uses, singing, chants, percussive instruments, piano, and movement activities to create an atmosphere of children and adults feeling free to sing , dance and move while learning social skills, language skills, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving , critical thinking and to also love making music.

The Living Art’s Village is proud to enter a new and exciting chapter by offering voice lessons to children, aged 8 years to 17 years old and adults in individual and group classes. We will also have dance and acting classes taught by experienced dancers and actors who are currently performing on Broadway, television and around the world. Also we will be offering several mixed family and caregiver and child classes through “Kindermusik @ The Living Art’s Village.

So please become a part of our community. There is a special place for parents, family, friends and the like at The Living Art’s Village. Music is community as it exist to build community!! Look forward to meeting you and also giving you and your family members the opportunity to be exposed to and experience the power and richness of music through the performing and fine arts!